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Spot Easy: Frequently Asked Questions

Spot Easy has come a long way since February. In the past five months, we've nearly quadrupled in user traffic. We have been working hard to create a reliable environment to browse verified apartments, and enjoy the city of Boston along the way. Our goal is for you to find an apartment, and since we are local to Boston, we love engaging with the community. We asked on our Instagram story what you want to know about our platform, and today we're answering all of your questions.

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Rental Agencies Using Spot Easy: Boston Spotlight

When apartment hunting, especially in the busy city of Boston, it's important to have a wide selection of choices. Whether it be the agent you work with, or the way you browse our site, we strive to provide exceptional listings, with valued agents ready to provide you with an apartment.

Spot Easy wants to do more than change the rental industry: we aim to empower all Spot Easy users including renters, agents, landlords and Boston brokerages. That's why today, we're highlighting 10 brokerages who use and love Spot Easy

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Moving to Boston on a Budget: Debunked

While Boston may be one of the most expensive cities to reside in the United States (third highest city to rent in, to be specific) it isn't all penthouses and rooftop lounges. Boston real estate is like no other, and every apartment you find will be unique, priced differently, and have its own character. If you are planning to move to the city of Boston, here's all of our tips and tricks for making the process easy, inexpensive and enjoyable.

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The Verdict is Out: Spot Easy is the Preferred Platform for Boston Renters and Agents

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We spoke with local agents and renters about Boston's newest rental platform, Spot Easy. With the city opening back up, it is important that there is a platform made in Boston, for Boston.

We're asking the hard questions to agents and renters, getting the dirt on why they love Spot Easy, and dislike 'the other guys'.

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