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Back Bay vs. Brighton: How Far Can Your Money Go In Boston?

Want some perspective on the cost of living in Boston? Let’s see what your money can get you in one of Boston’s most expensive neighborhoods, Back Bay, vs. one of the cheapest, Brighton. We’ll be comparing one bedroom apartments, starting from under $2,000 to under $4,000. The neighborhoods are only a few miles apart from each other, so does your money get you similar options? Let’s find out.

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collage of four fitness studios with text reading fitness in boston: free and first-timer discounts

Fitness in Boston: Free and First-Timer Discounts

Summer 2021 is flying by, and with the pandemic keeping us on our toes, it can be difficult to get out of a mental rut. When it feels like time is running out, reset your clocks with something for you! Boston is filled with free activities across the neighborhoods, which we've discussed here with 10 free things to do in Boston and here with things to do in Boston in the summer, but what if you've tried everything? Today, Spot Easy is highlighting fitness classes and centers that offer free classes, free first-time visitor classes, and discounted first-time visitors classes.

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photo reading rental agency spotlight: connect with boston's best agencies with a faded photo of the south end boston

Rental Agencies Using Spot Easy: Boston Spotlight

When apartment hunting, especially in the busy city of Boston, it's important to have a wide selection of choices. Whether it be the agent you work with, or the way you browse our site, we strive to provide exceptional listings, with valued agents ready to provide you with an apartment.

Spot Easy wants to do more than change the rental industry: we aim to empower all Spot Easy users including renters, agents, landlords and Boston brokerages. That's why today, we're highlighting 10 brokerages who use and love Spot Easy

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digital sign saying welcome back to your library with mask mandate in place at the central copley square location of the Boston Public Library

Beyond Just Books: Boston Public Library Updates

Spot Easy is highlighting the Boston Public Library, which hosts 26-branch locations throughout Boston, with Copley Square being their central, and largest location. The Boston Public Library offers far more than just a selection of books, and indoor tables to study at-- each of these branches offer a unique experience to help visitors learn, explore and access more than just their neighborhood of Boston. Library cards are free to obtain if you reside i Boston, but guests are welcome to all branches to visit and peruse.

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15 small businesses to support in boston

15 Small Businesses to Support in Greater Boston

With Boston opening back up for the summer, Spot Easy is highlighting 15 small businesses in the Greater Boston area. We are showcasing businesses that struggled during the pandemic, and most were forced to close down for the majority of the past year. We're very excited to see them return in time for summer!

Broken into five categories; restaurants, salons, fitness, cafes and retail, we hope you can support these businesses, now more than ever, due to the Coronavirus's impact on Boston businesses. Opt out of buying into trends, and instead shop small and local!

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photo of time out market boston sign inside with crowds waiting to get food

Boston's Fenway Park and Time Out Market Reopen for the Season

Imagine: It's 2019 and you've entered the Fenway neighborhood in Boston. It's late May, and the streets are flooded with sweaty bodies, yelling and chugging to-go beers. The sun is blazing, and you're trying to find your seats amidst the bustling line. You made it to your seats, and your legs are sticking to the bleachers already. There's a Fenway Frank in your left hand, and peanuts in your right. The first pitch is thrown, and the game begins.

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faded background of city skyline, text reading 'boston apartments ranked: cheapest to most expensive neighborhoods'

Boston Apartments: Cheapest to Most Expensive Neighborhoods to Live In

Spot Easy knows that moving to Boston can be hard to navigate. Boston has over 20 neighborhoods, and 83 subdistricts, meaning there is a lot to choose from. Each area of Boston is differently priced, depending on location, surrounding areas, and unit perks. When looking for apartments in the city on a budget, you may be overwhelmed with neighborhoods to choose from. That’s why we’ve ranked each area of Boston from least to most expensive, so you don’t need to stress your move!

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