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photo of future Hendrix wearing covid 19 medical face mask asking mask on or mask off

Boston Covid-19: Mask On or Mask Off?

When Future released the song Mask Off in 2017, no one expected his single to be the 2020-2021 anthem. On May 29, 2021, the 15-month mask mandate in Massachusetts came to a close... sort of. Now that the state has announced businesses can decide individually whether or not masks need to be worn in their facilities, the state has become more divided between workers and customers. 

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woman in city with face mask text reads boston mask mandate is lifted now what?

Boston Mask Mandate is Lifted, Now What?

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Over one year after the world was struck with Covid-19, the state of emergency will soon come to a close. After 15 months in a global pandemic, and over 3.4 million deaths worldwide, Boston has decided on May 29 to lift the mask mandate. This means that all individual businesses may choose how they go about the next few months. While they are able to return to full capacity, some may still take it slow to the full reopening. However in Boston, masks no longer need to be worn anywhere but on public transportation, in hospitals and in schools. With this all being said, is Boston ready to be mask-less? How will we cover the 15 months of mascne (mask acne)?

Photo Source: Lauren Thompson

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photo of time out market boston sign inside with crowds waiting to get food

Boston's Fenway Park and Time Out Market Reopen for the Season

Imagine: It's 2019 and you've entered the Fenway neighborhood in Boston. It's late May, and the streets are flooded with sweaty bodies, yelling and chugging to-go beers. The sun is blazing, and you're trying to find your seats amidst the bustling line. You made it to your seats, and your legs are sticking to the bleachers already. There's a Fenway Frank in your left hand, and peanuts in your right. The first pitch is thrown, and the game begins.

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