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Best City Walks in Boston

The Best City Walks in Boston

Looking for free things to do in Boston? Well, there is more to walk in Boston than just the Freedom Trail! You can learn more about your own neighborhood or discover new neighborhoods all while exploring Boston’s rich history. If you’re looking to show visiting friends and family around the city or are a visiting tourist yourself, these following walks showcase unique views of Boston and give you some light to moderate exercise. The best part? Walking is free and these are all accessible by the MBTA. 

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text reads September with spot easy: 15 things to do in boston, with photo of people practicing yoga and people at the beer garden in boston

September with Spot Easy: 15 Things to Do in Boston

With the changing of the seasons, Spot Easy wants to assure that you will never run out of activities to fill your time. We've curated lists of free things to do in Boston, free workout classes in Boston, trips around New England and things to do in the summer. We hope you can utilize these lists for years to come, and create lifelong memories in the city we love. Without further ado, here is our list of activities coming up this September in Boston, MA.

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collage of four fitness studios with text reading fitness in boston: free and first-timer discounts

Fitness in Boston: Free and First-Timer Discounts

Summer 2021 is flying by, and with the pandemic keeping us on our toes, it can be difficult to get out of a mental rut. When it feels like time is running out, reset your clocks with something for you! Boston is filled with free activities across the neighborhoods, which we've discussed here with 10 free things to do in Boston and here with things to do in Boston in the summer, but what if you've tried everything? Today, Spot Easy is highlighting fitness classes and centers that offer free classes, free first-time visitor classes, and discounted first-time visitors classes.

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photo reading rental agency spotlight: connect with boston's best agencies with a faded photo of the south end boston

Rental Agencies Using Spot Easy: Boston Spotlight

When apartment hunting, especially in the busy city of Boston, it's important to have a wide selection of choices. Whether it be the agent you work with, or the way you browse our site, we strive to provide exceptional listings, with valued agents ready to provide you with an apartment.

Spot Easy wants to do more than change the rental industry: we aim to empower all Spot Easy users including renters, agents, landlords and Boston brokerages. That's why today, we're highlighting 10 brokerages who use and love Spot Easy

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photo of text saying boston on a budget debunked with cityscape silhouette of boston zakim bridge in background

Moving to Boston on a Budget: Debunked

While Boston may be one of the most expensive cities to reside in the United States (third highest city to rent in, to be specific) it isn't all penthouses and rooftop lounges. Boston real estate is like no other, and every apartment you find will be unique, priced differently, and have its own character. If you are planning to move to the city of Boston, here's all of our tips and tricks for making the process easy, inexpensive and enjoyable.

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photo of two people running on boston Charles river esplanade with text saying boston summer 2021 things to do and how to find events

Things to Do: Summer in Boston 2021

This past week, Boston weather hit a near 95 degrees, remaining hot and sticky all week long. With it only being June, this has been a wake-up call for anyone indoors without an AC, and anyone outdoors to always re-apply sunscreen! Spot Easy is asking Boston: What are you looking forward to doing outside this summer? When it's too hot out, what can we do instead?

How To Find Events


Facebook is the hub of all things, but especially events. Rather than posting flyers around town and sending invitations in the mail, public and private events can be easily posted and hosted on Facebook. For Boston, there are hundreds of in-person and virtual events being held every week. Before complaining about wasting your day off, check Facebook to see what events are happening in your area! Events may be free, for cost or for donation. 

Pro tip: Join Facebook groups! If you like kayaking, see if there's a Facebook group in your area for kayakers. Can't find one? Join a general Boston page, or make your own! This is a great way to meet likeminded people and try something new.

Boston Calendar

Boston Calendar has a handful of events listed every week for all neighborhoods. Whether you're looking for something to do now or in the future, this calendar will make your planning easy, without much time spent searching! 

Pro tip: Send the link to a friend, or post it to social media, and invite your loved ones! If you go alone, I'm sure you're not there alone, so this is the perfect opportunity to meet new people!


Follow your favorite shops, restaurants, public locations and people in the city to keep up to date with them! They may post an upcoming event they're hosting or attending, or you may find something new to try that an account has posted about. Social media is a key tool in exploring the city, if you aren't willing to ride the subway until a stop sounds cool. Connect with new or old friends, and the city is yours to explore!

Pro tip: Comment on photos, you never know who may see it and reply! If you love Thinking Cup, comment 'who wants to grab a cup of Jo with me here this weekend?' and you may make a new friend!

Photo Source: Facebook Event Page

What To Do

For Free (Read our full list here)

  • Boston Public Garden and Boston Common
  • Charles River Esplanade
  • Quincy Market
  • The Lawn on D
  • Get a Boston Public Library card and get tickets to events
  • Historic Burying Yards
  • Create your own walking tour
  • Take a free fitness class
  • Volunteer here  
  • Rent a blue bicycle
  • Attend the Boston Market
  • Have a picnic
  • Take a brewery or winery tour
  • Try a new coffee shop
  • Take the subway and get off at a new stop
  • Go thrifting at Boomerangs or Buffalo Exchange
  • Compare Mikes and Modern Pastries
  • Try a new dessert shop


  • Try a new restaurant 
  • Catch a show at the TD Garden or House of Blues
  • Head to a Red Sox Game in Fenway 
  • Make your own bar crawl in a new neighborhood
  • Wander Harvard Square
  • Visit a museum
  • Hop on a Duck Tour
  • Try aerial yoga
  • Go to the aquarium or the zoo


  • Shop on Newbury Street
  • Rent a kayak or sail boat for the day
  • Take a Harbor Cruise
  • Join a fitness gym
  • Take a cooking class
  • Take a wine tasting tour
  • Go to the North End for authentic Italian cuisine
  • Browse Faneuil Hall or the Prudential Center
  • Visit a rooftop bar
Photo Source: Boston Central


Boston Arts Festival

The Boston Arts Festival is holding their annual, free event this September 11 & 12, 2021 at the Christopher Columbus Waterfront Park. This event is still allowing artist entries to host a booth at the event. In addition, there will be 13 live performers over the weekend! Get out your paint brushes and take out your earbuds because this event will have you inspired to create while you listen to some lovely tunes!

The Big E

Across Massachusetts, the Big E is back! Here is their list of summer events, but their main event occurs from September 17 to October 3. Their farm-festivals feature food and drink vendors, shopping, wine and cheese bars, animal shows, and even a butter sculpture competition!

Boston Harbor

Visit the Boston Harbor this summer to attend their handful of events, get some seafood, and enjoy the waterfront! There are cruises, dinners and other fun events happening this summer, get in on the action! Even without attending a cruise, spend your evening watching the waves crash.

Boston Pops

Boston Pops will host the 2021 July 4th spectacular! At Tanglewood in Lenox, MA. Keith Lockhart will lead a live televised and live streamed performance, with special appearances by Jon Batiste, bandleader of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, and legendary singer Mavis Staples. The fireworks finale—to take place from the Boston Common in partnership with the City of Boston—will also be broadcast as part of the live televised broadcast.

North End Feasts

Stop by the North End for Italian Feasts and Processions this summer! Nearly every weekend, there will be food festivals across the North End. Take a trip to the North End and try something new!

Boston Marathon

Postponed until October 11, 2021, the Boston Marathon will take place once again in the heart of Boston. There will be eight starting times when the race begins, all between 9 a.m. to 11:15 a.m. Bring the traditions back and come watch the Marathon!

All July events: Here

This list can be used for those who've lived here for years and have gotten bored, or for visitors to find what works for their budget. The next time you think you're bored, check this list and think again; there is always something to do in Boston!

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digital sign saying welcome back to your library with mask mandate in place at the central copley square location of the Boston Public Library

Beyond Just Books: Boston Public Library Updates

Spot Easy is highlighting the Boston Public Library, which hosts 26-branch locations throughout Boston, with Copley Square being their central, and largest location. The Boston Public Library offers far more than just a selection of books, and indoor tables to study at-- each of these branches offer a unique experience to help visitors learn, explore and access more than just their neighborhood of Boston. Library cards are free to obtain if you reside i Boston, but guests are welcome to all branches to visit and peruse.

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black and white photo of people at a march holding signs saying black and trans lives matter

Being Black and LGBTQ+: Taking Back Our Pride

Two weeks ago, Spot Easy opened the conversation about LGBTQ+ owned businesses to our viewers in honor of Pride Month. However, we only briefly touched on the discrimination and hostility Boston has projected onto the LGBTQ+ community. Today, we want to discuss why people are boycotting Boston Pride, and how we can combat racism in the Boston community and stand up for all non-white LGBTQ+ members.

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