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Back Bay vs. Brighton: How Far Can Your Money Go In Boston?

Want some perspective on the cost of living in Boston? Let’s see what your money can get you in one of Boston’s most expensive neighborhoods, Back Bay, vs. one of the cheapest, Brighton. We’ll be comparing one bedroom apartments, starting from under $2,000 to under $4,000. The neighborhoods are only a few miles apart from each other, so does your money get you similar options? Let’s find out.

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Best City Walks in Boston

The Best City Walks in Boston

Looking for free things to do in Boston? Well, there is more to walk in Boston than just the Freedom Trail! You can learn more about your own neighborhood or discover new neighborhoods all while exploring Boston’s rich history. If you’re looking to show visiting friends and family around the city or are a visiting tourist yourself, these following walks showcase unique views of Boston and give you some light to moderate exercise. The best part? Walking is free and these are all accessible by the MBTA. 

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