Back Bay vs. Brighton: How Far Can Your Money Go In Boston?

Want some perspective on the cost of living in Boston? Let’s see what your money can get you in one of Boston’s most expensive neighborhoods, Back Bay, vs. one of the cheapest, Brighton. We’ll be comparing one bedroom apartments, starting from under $2,000 to under $4,000. The neighborhoods are only a few miles apart from each other, so does your money get you similar options? Let’s find out.


Back Bay's Lowest Cost Option

Back Bay Apartment for $1,885Here is one of the cheapest one bedroom units you can currently find in the Back Bay, with utilities included. While there isn’t parking, it is close to public transport and in the hub of the city, near restaurants, shops and schools.  

Brighton's Lowest-Cost Option

Brighton Apartment for $1,650

For $200 less and around the same square footage, you can find this unit in Brighton, located right across from the street from a MBTA station. Although it's less updated than its Back Bay counterpart, it’s up to the renter to decide whether a more updated unit is worth $200 more a month!



Back Bay: Middle-of-the-Road

Back Bay Apartment for $2,600Let's go $1,000 higher. For $1,000 more, this unit has an extra half bedroom perfect for an office, laundry in-building, and lots of storage. There is street parking by permit available. While the kitchen may be outdated, the apartment still has gleaming hardwood floors and lots of natural light, making it a beautiful place to live.



Brighton: Middle-of-the-Road Option

Brighton Apartment for $2,350

This unit is spacious with lots of natural lighting, and has more updated appliances than its Back Bay counterpart. Located in Chestnut Hill right near parks and public transport, it could pay off to be a little further from the city. 






Back Bay: A Higher Cost Option

Back Bay Apartment for $3,800With a huge living room and bay windows as well as a large bedroom, this one bedroom unit is not only gorgeous, but spacious for the area (673 square feet). From the moulding to the trim, to the mantels, it is holds a certain kind of character you can only find in Back Bay. The downsides? There is still a small kitchen, a no pet policy, and street parking only.



Brighton: A Higher Cost Option

Brighton Apartment for $3,575

This unit may be a two bedroom rather than a one bedroom but it is included to emphasize how far your money will get you in Brighton. This unit has updated kitchen appliances and lots of space to be utilized. There is no broker fee, pets are negotiable, and students are allowed! Surrounded by parks, it is a little further from transport but has street parking available. 


What can be learned by comparing Boston neighborhoods?

When searching for a Boston apartment, it's important to see the costs as well as learn the pros and cons of different neighborhoods to gain perspective and choose where you want to live. If you value having more space and quieter surroundings, a neighborhood like Brighton might be one to look into or if you value being in the hub of the city for a bit more money, a neighborhood like Back Bay may be more of your style. 

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